JSCS Rules Overview

The JavaScript Code Style Checker's README is complete but turns out to be quite hard to parse at a glimpse. Here's a summary of all the 68 current rules as of May 2014 (1.4.3).

Watch out for plurals!

Rule name* require disallow validate type
Require / Disallow - 21 couples
CommaBeforeLineBreak X X Boolean
KeywordsOnNewLine X X Array
LeftStickedOperators X X Array
RightStickedOperators X X Array
MultipleVarDecl X X Boolean
paddingNewLinesInBlocks X X Boolean or Integer
SpaceAfterKeywords X X Array
SpaceAfterObjectKeys X X Boolean
SpaceAfterPrefixUnaryOperators X X Array
SpaceAfterBinaryOperators X X Array
SpaceBeforeBinaryOperators X X Array
SpaceBeforeBlockStatements X X Boolean
SpaceBeforePostfixUnaryOperators X X Array
SpacesInAnonymousFunctionExpression X X Object
SpacesInConditionalExpression X X Object
SpacesInFunctionDeclaration X X Object
SpacesInFunctionExpression X X Object
SpacesInNamedFunctionExpression X X Object
SpacesInsideArrayBrackets X X Boolean
SpacesInsideObjectBrackets X X Boolean
TrailingComma X X Boolean
Require only - 9 rules
AlignedObjectValues X String
BlocksOnNewline X Boolean or Integer
CamelCaseOrUpperCaseIdentifiers X Boolean
CapitalizedConstructors X Boolean
CurlyBraces X Array
DotNotation X Boolean
LineFeedAtFileEnd X Boolean
OperatorBeforeLineBreak X Array
ParenthesesAroundIIFE X Boolean
Disallow only - 11 rules
DanglingUnderscores X Boolean
EmptyBlocks X Boolean
ImplicitTypeConversion X Array
Keywords X Array
MixedSpacesAndTabs X Boolean or String
MultipleLineBreaks X Boolean
MultipleLineStrings X Boolean
QuotedKeysInObjects X Boolean
SpacesInsideParentheses X Boolean
TrailingWhitespace X Boolean
YodaConditions X Boolean
Validate - 4 rules
Indentation X Integer or String
JSDoc X Object
LineBreaks X String
QuoteMarks X String
Misc (no prefix) - 2 rules
maximumLineLength Integer
safeContextKeyword String

* for convenience, "require", "disallow" or "validate" need to be appended.